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iMON Solutions provides a proactive and meticulous B2B monitoring software service that continually assesses software and hardware infrastructures; their innovative Techlytics Software validates events before they have a negative impact.

Collabra helps students and instructors get more out of their performing arts lessons by providing tools to reinforce the lesson, capture progress and create accountability, all in one system.

Nymbl Systems is a web-based application using a proprietary coding and work flow engine to greatly enhance practice performance and cashflow. Their first application is focused on the Orthotic/Prosthetic and Durable Medical Equipment entities.

WeatherCheck is a SaaS product providing continuous monitoring and notification when an address is affected by a covered peril.

PromiSight is developing HydroLenz to prevent cataracts induced by vitrectomies.

dSentz facilitates medical care by providing new forms of safe and effective pain control drugs.

PhytoSciences Consultants provides plant-based purification and separation services.

TherapyX is a privately held early stage biotechnology company engaged in the discovery and development of nanoparticulate immune therapeutics to treat cancer, infectious disease and autoimmune disorders.

Credit Fair-E helps low and middle income families break their cycle of debt by providing them with fair, affordable small-dollar loans up to $500.

Switcher Studio is a video creation platform for making better video. Their service includes access to the Switcher iOS video mixing app, cloud services, desktop tools and support. Users can sync multiple iPhones and iPads to record or stream high-quality live video and instantly share on social media.

Toggle Health revolutionizes surgical workflow, bringing direct, tactile control over imaging, EMR and mobile device data. Their proprietary consumable allows surgeons to directly manipulate an intuitive user interface device in the sterile field of the operating room.

PowerUp Labs is a digital agency delivering best-in-class software and web development, digital marketing, and strategy for clients of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Curio Learning is a rebellious innovative Education Tech Company; its first product, Curio, is an online hub that allows teachers to discover, curate and collaborate on new ideas and strategies for both in and out of the classroom.

PlugIns produces well designed, easy to use professional software components that bring needed capabilities to, and work seamlessly with, the most popular web content management systems.

Kale & Flax is a human-centered design company that creates meaningful experiences driven by empathy, data and innovation. They partner with companies and organizations to create solutions to complex challenges through crafting websites, building applications, visualizing data and design thinking workshops.

iPillBox is a medicine organizer, reminder, and manager that streamlines complicated medication schedules for patients and allows caregivers to monitor compliance securely. Real-time data with alerts is visible through a secure web-application for families and physicians to provide proactive care.

Virtual Peaker provides a SaaS platform to help electric utilities manage their residential load. It exists at the top of the IoT stack to provide high performance control and scheduling for any connected device, empowering utility customers to reduce peak loads, improve their load factor and lower costs while not upsetting residential customers with obtrusive and uncomfortable events.

FreshFry has developed the FreshFry Pod to remove impurities and extend the life of frying oil for restaurants.

Mailhaven is a smart mailbox that tracks and protects packages, providing the easiest way to track, manage and receive online deliveries, preventing missed deliveries and stolen packages.

Orthopedix is a 3D-printed orthopedic implant company that creates personalized, patient-specific implants that are individually sized and shaped to fit each patient's unique anatomy, offering benefits not achievable with "off-the-shelf" orthopedic implants.

Coastal Cloud provides technology consulting and support services utilizing the latest cloud-based software, specializing in implementing and Microsoft Dynamics for clients focused in key industries including healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, education, high tech, manufacturing, non profits and state & local government. 

Breath Diagnostics has developed a patented technology to detect lung cancer by analyzing a patient's breath for four cancer-specific markers. The test is easily administered, has no associated risks and has the potential to save millions of lives while saving the healthcare industry billions of dollars.

Rise Assistive Devices is developing a family of products that helps elderly dog and cat owners feed and care for their pets.

Regenerex LLC is developing a unique approach to bone marrow transplantation that will eliminate the need for antirejection drugs after organ transplantation. The proprietary FCRx platform therapy also has applications for a number of diseases such as cancer and sickle cell disease and has been described by the National Institutes of Health as the only demonstrated cure for sickle cell disease.

Bert Thin Films was founded as a spinout from UofL’s Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research to commercialize materials and process improvements developed at the Conn Center. They are currently developing a new material to reduce the cost of manufacturing solar cells. 

Gen-9 is developing advanced systems to support the health, safety and lifestyle of people living independently in the home care setting. 

Senior Group is opening up the digital world to seniors. Their Family Network is a three-way communication channel between the staff, resident and family members that is designed to be intuitive and engaging.

Croup Care is developing a portable cold air device designed for use by a child with croup to inhale when encountering an attack.

The Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana, Inc. (SCAK) is a  not-for-profit providing education, support, and advocacy for individuals with sickle cell disease and their families. SCAK is dedicated to increasing awareness of this disease and supporting endeavors that assure prompt and appropriate medical care. Mission encompasses educating the lay community as well as the medical community about the disease and resources available.

TNG Pharmaceuticals is furthering the development of FlyVax, a patented recombinant protein vaccine designed to disrupt blood-feeding by horn flies. Horn flies are the most economically important pest of livestock in the United States and much of the world, causing significant weight and milk yield losses in livestock; Flyvax alleviates customer pain by systematically decreasing horn fly populations, thus creating higher beef production and milk yield while lowering the labor necessary for fly control.

Pharmaron is a premier R&D service provider for the pharmaceutical industry, providing high quality R&D service across a number of disciplines including chemistry, biology, DMPK, pharmacology, chemical development and toxicology.

PGXL Laboratories is a national leader in Personalized Medicine. The lab develops and performs genetic drug sensitivity testing and interpretation to enable physicians to identify and chart the most effective treatment path for their patients.

PGXL Technologies conducts research and development of technologies for clinical applications.

Nucleus: Kentucky's Innovation Center is an economic development arm of the University of Louisville, integrating UofL resources with those of the business community. By building new, state-of-the-art research parks that attract thriving and innovative companies from across the nation, and nurturing promising research from UofL at its earliest stages, Nucleus is creating jobs for the local economy now and in the long-term.

Edumedics® delivers customized solutions that utilize data analytics plus onsite clinical services to design sustainable health care management plans with a focus on employees with chronic diseases for businesses with self-funded health care plans and organizations serving retired employees.

Advanced Genomic Technology (AGT) is developing non-invasive blood-based tests for the diagnosis and prognosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), mild cognitive impairment or those at risk of AD and other diseases. Tests are based on key circulating microRNAs as biomarkers.

Kentucky Clinical Trials Laboratory LLC (KCTL) conducts pharmaceutical and diagnostic clinical trials of novel medical products. KCTL provides new test development services, verification and validation services correlation studies, clinical case enrollments and FDA clinical trials of new diagnostics.

US WorldMeds is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing, licensing and commercializing products that address unmet medical needs or overcome limitations of existing products.

Kotwal Bioconsulting LLC and InFlaMed Inc., developing therapeutic solutions to stall the progression of inflammation-mediated diseases.

Kentuckiana Medical Reciprocal Risk Retention Group (KMRRRG) is the largest of the captives licensed in the state of Kentucky and provides professional liability coverage to Kentucky and Indiana medical professionals.




Offering office, wet lab, dry lab and shared lab space. Tenants have access to multiple conference rooms and kitchen, dining and lounge areas.

TechCenter Updates

Mailhaven was selected to pitch at the prestigious This Week in Startups.

Toggle Health won the 2017 Venture Connectors Venture Sharks competition.

Credit Fair-E partnered with Nerdwallet to help consumers in search of online payday loan alternatives.

Bert Thin Films received an NSF Phase II SBIR award for their work on low cost copper contacts with built in barriers for crystalline silicon solar cells.

Virtual Peaker partnered with Vermont's Green Mountain Power to help consumers save money and reduce emissions using Virtual Peaker's proprietary software.

Mailhaven recently participated in the prestigious Highway 1 accelerator program.

Rise Assistive Devices was a participating company in the 2016 Louisville Innovation Summit's Innovation Trail event held on the Campus in October 2016.

FreshFry began distributing its product through a wholesaler and expanded its production capacity 25000 % this year. They continue to work on improving their product and developing pipeline products.


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