About Us

Nucleus provides business management and consulting services to support entrepreneurs engaged in innovation and research. From concept evaluation through product development and investment strategies, Nucleus drives innovation.

As an entity, Nucleus' work is integral to the development of the research park currently underway at UofL's Haymarket 30-block property in downtown Louisville. In this role, Nucleus is creating a vibrant technology business district at Haymarket along the city's Healthcare / University / Riverfront corridor.

The J.D. Nichols Campus for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will house multiple facilities in close proximity to expedite collaboration and shared expertise among researchers and companies. The park clusters valuable resources and connections to grow business in a campus-like environment. All facilities will feature wet/dry laboratories for research, the latest in clean room technology, as well as professional office space.

Long Term Focus

In the next 20 years, Nucleus projects are expected to:

    – Grow research
    – Incubate start-ups
    – Recruit healthcare and life sciences businesses
    – Be supported by $2.3 billion in capital investment
    – Create 8,700 new, high-paying jobs

Nucleus Introductory Video

Forward Focus

Healthcare treatments. Pharmaceuticals. Bio-technologies. Medical devices. These innovations and more are the focus of Nucleus’ future.

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